Heather Fenyes

If you google “Heather Fenyes” and read for about 2 minutes, you will question yourself, “what have I been doing with my life, anyway.” (do it, I dare you)  I met Heather in 2012 and each one of the handful of conversations I’ve had with her are like precious stones- colourful, rich, unique and each with […]

Baby Hugo

  Here’s Hugo!  He’s a tough kid!  He arrived a few weeks early and in his short months in the world has already got a few surgeries under his belt.  None of that matters when you meet him though (if you can get through his throngs of adoring fans to actually meet him).  He’s gorgeous […]

Ashlyn’s Cake Smash!

Yeah, I know, we are all very very busy getting ready for the upcoming holidays but I thought we could all use a minute to stop and giggle with Ashlyn.  This is what she did on her first birthday.  Kind of what I do on my birthday too, wear pearls, smash and gobble a cake […]

Courtney’s Beautiful Belly

    Courtney and Bobby were married this past winter in a beautiful little ceremony here in Saskatoon. You remember, Courtney looked spectacular!  (so did Bobby).  Well, they decided to contribute these excellent genes to future humanity and went ahead and created their own piece of perfection.  She’s actually already joined the world (and she […]