Michael & Kelly: engaged with style!

Mike’s an accountant…you probably think he’s stodgy because he’s an accountant.  Want to know what makes an accountant NOT stodgy?…falling in love with a REALLY GREAT GIRL!  The stories of romance involving vintage teapots and proposals would make any girl rush out to find herself her own accountant-fiance! Creative Kelly’s engagement photo visions were brought to life […]

Carolyn & Kevin: engaged!

Did I deliberately save this post for Valentine’s Day?!?  Well maybe…but look that them, she’s perfect, he has a a skull and cross bones bow tie, there are red shoes and a red vintage truck…and I mean….THAT CHEMISTRY!  Super fun, super sweet…I’m on the edge of my seat for their wedding this year.  Happy Valentines […]

Charissa & Brendyn, engaged!

I met Charissa & Brendyn on a dock at Brendyn’s auntie’s lakeside cottage  wedding last year (can you spot Charissa and Brendyn in the group photo?).  I helped them capture a great shot of the two of them over-looking the lake and carried on with the day.  A couple of months later Charissa called me […]

Matt and Helena: engaged!

    I’m just so excited about this wedding!  I met Matt & Helena at Matt’s sister’s wedding a while back…remember Scott & Nicole’s fabulous snowstorm wedding?  If you look closely you’ll see Matt, he was one of the groomsmen.  When different people form the same family invite me to photograph their special events, I […]

Kyla & John

You know when you meet someone and it just feels easy? the conversation, the laughter just came easy with Kyla and John. We hadn’t met before their engagement shoot. After a referral from friends they booked me to photograph their upcoming wedding over the phone. Strangely, that evening just felt like a walk in the […]