Thomson Family

So cold, so so so cold that if you aren’t from Canada, you don’t get it.  I met this family on site for their shoot so I never actually got to see the kids without their toques (that’s knitted caps for my American readers) on but I’m pretty sure they were sporting halos underneath. THEY WERE SO GOOD (either that or they were just too cold to misbehave or object).  Either way we got photos in time for Christmas in the middle of dad’s crazy on-call work schedule and everyone had a chilly wonderful time!

p.s. the hugs were not poses…just chances to share body heat!


Matt & Helena got married!

Why do I love Matt & Helena?  pull up a chair, this could take a while….She lets him be him, they are gorgeous, their engagement photos were rainy AND fun, I met them through these guys! (seriously, click this link…same weekend, two years later, totally different weather!), she’s a teacher, he’s a farmer, they are kind, decent and cool!  Congratulations Matt and Helena!

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The Hallgrimson Family

Our paths crossed about four time before I ever actually met Mike and Cori.  Our kids went to school together, my son was their youngest “care partner” in class, our friends were friends and I’m pretty sure we saw each other in the hallways too.   It’s pretty easy to see the connections within this family from their photos but I’ll let you in on a secret, it’s not just for the camera.  It took nothing to get them to cuddle and between you and me I often spy Mike and Cori walking hand-in-hand after they drop their kids off or pick them up from school.  Thank you for a pretty special afternoon!h10h11h2h16h9 h8h13h20h5h6h14h7 h3h1h17h12h15

Happy Birthday Cravings & Meet the Jacobsons

In our house, birthday celebrations last the entire week (at least).  Good thing too, otherwise this post would be a week late.   Here’s Jordana Jacobson, owner of cravings, Saskatoon’s premier maternity, baby & kids boutique and her gorgeous family.  In every photo, her girls are sporting all the beautiful children’s wear available at cravings in-store and on-line.  Cravings turns 9 this week!   Happy Birthday cravings and thanks to Jacobsons for turning up for photo shoots no matter what extreme weather we throw at them!

Much of the shoot was sytled by the genious creator and owner of Haute Tots, Angela Schroeder.


The Schwiers-as fun as they look!

I can’t remember exactly how my  love affair  professional relationship with this family began but every interaction I have with them adds something fabulous to my life! (I’m not even talking about dad, Rick’s amazing chipotle salsa). Karin Melberg Schwier (damn good writer) and her husband Rick live here in Saskatoon with their son Jim.  Jim’s a favourite of mine, you’ve seen him featured on my blog before (click here, they are some of my favourites).  Over the holidays, the rest of the clan descended from sunny California and we captured all of the fun over a waffle breakfast and a tromp through the snow!  While I’d meet up with them anywhere, I’m kind of gunning for the next shoot to be in California!s10s32s33s34s7s37s29s36s8s4s22s27s26s6s20s2s39s3s9s25s38s31s30s28s11s1

Sarah & Molly

Sarah has a great sister.  She gave her a portrait session with her horse Molly for her birthday.   Molly is such a unique spirited horse, she has one startling blue eye that matches Sarah’s eyes perfectly.  While Sarah has this incredibly remarkable relationship with Molly, I think it’s important for me to mention that we had the help of a very skilled horse-woman to set up many of these shots.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such amazing women!sm9sm7sm8sm11sm16sm15sm1sm12sm3sm4sm5smsm6

Carolyn & Kevin: engaged!

Did I deliberately save this post for Valentine’s Day?!?  Well maybe…but look that them, she’s perfect, he has a a skull and cross bones bow tie, there are red shoes and a red vintage truck…and I mean….THAT CHEMISTRY!  Super fun, super sweet…I’m on the edge of my seat for their wedding this year.  Happy Valentines day to Carolyn & Kevin, all of my beautiful couples and YOU!

xo H

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Kayla & Linden~expecting something wonderful!

Kayla and Linden were high school sweethearts, they’ve know each other forever.  They we just so deeply comfortable hanging out with each other and getting ready for baby that (despite another frosty afternoon), it barely felt like work and more like a walk with friends…really hot friends 😉

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Jessica’s beautiful belly~something magical!

When Jessica, a local event planner with Barredo Events approached me with her styled belly shoot ideas, I was hooked!  She gave me her ideas, I dropped in some of mine, she sourced, I site toured, we set a date.  Then we hit Saskatchewan weather!!! We wanted snow, the snow all melted so we delayed.  We waited for snow and it snowed but the wind blew all the snow away from out location on the day of our shoot.  We found a new location and got ready….then it got cold, really cold, Saskatchewan cold!  But we (and our team) did it anyway!  Don’t let Jess’s dreamy gaze fool you…it was bitterly cold and the rest of us were all parka’d up!

At one point a lady walked by, stopped in her tracks, and got a bit teary eyed~”I feel like I’ve stumbled onto something magical”, she whispered.

Congratulations Jess, Brett & Baby Max!