Holly & Tavish, Vancouver B.C.

Did you see/read my last post?  (I’ll wait here while you do.)  In that post, I told you that Jenn and I photographed two weddings back-to back in Vancouver, so here’s the second one.  As we do for every wedding, in preparation for Holly & Tavish’s big day, Jenn and I scouted out all of the locations ahead of time.  We may have over-estimated the size of the VanDusen Botanical Gardens and we may have hopped some very large fences so as to save our feet for our up-coming back-to-back weddings (thank goodness for our get-away driver).  Holly and Tavish’s day was just such a great time (I mean I legally got to follow a fireman around all day).  Great couple, beautiful locations, super fun family and the who day spent doing what I love with one of my favorite people in the world.  Big thanks to Jennifer Kirk Photography for giving me such an amazing first “second-shooter” experience!

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Adrianna & Rohan, Vancouver B.C.

This wedding was a BIG BIG BIG first for me.  For the first time in 11 years of running a full-time photography business I WAS THE SECOND SHOOTER!  I was so excited that for the first time ever, my greatest friend Jenn Kirk of Jennifer Kirk Photography and I were able to line up our schedules so that I could fly out and work with her on a few of her weddings!  This was the first of two back-to-back weddings we shot that weekend (we rested and drank ate a lot on the third day).  It was such an amazing experience for me.  It’s the first wedding I’ve ever photographed where I’ve been able to sit back and really appreciate the way another photographer works a wedding.  I learned so much from watching her.  This post may feel a bit lopsided but Jenn and I split the duties at the beginning of the day: she photographed the girls, I photographed the guys and we met up for the first look.  Because these Adrianna and Rohan are Jenn’s clients (thanks everyone for letting me re-share), I’m only posting images that I actually shot…lots of fun with the groom’s family at the beginning of the day!  If you wants to see more of the girl’s getting ready, check out Jenn’s post here! (take a peak and see if you can spot my favourite ring shot EVER!)ar1ar7 ar3ar6ar17ar46 ar2 ar5ar9ar10ar39ar30ar8ar43ar29ar48ar42ar41ar40ar34ar33ar44ar27ar31ar26ar28ar38ar35ar37ar32ar14ar11ar13ar12ar15ar47ar45

The Debusschere Family

I feel all kinds of wonderful when I think about Laura, Mark, their twins Eva and Lily and their wee pup, Zoie.  I picked them up met them in line waiting for Santa one year.  (I actually recognized the girls’ faces from another clients’ FB page (yeah, that WASN’T creepy…weird stalker photographer lady).  I’ve photographed them a few times now and its everything that happens between the camera clicks that fills me with happiness: the texts from Laura after a shoot asking me if I’m in my pajamas already too; the never-ending little-girl talks that Mark has with his girls, the picnics they share with me and the personal struggles this family has endured but doesn’t wear on their sleeves.  I just really like them, really look forward to Laura’s intragram posts and can never wait until our next shoot!d17d1d2d5 d4 d3d18d16d7d8d6d9 d10d15d13 d12d11d14d20 d19

Thomson Family

So cold, so so so cold that if you aren’t from Canada, you don’t get it.  I met this family on site for their shoot so I never actually got to see the kids without their toques (that’s knitted caps for my American readers) on but I’m pretty sure they were sporting halos underneath. THEY WERE SO GOOD (either that or they were just too cold to misbehave or object).  Either way we got photos in time for Christmas in the middle of dad’s crazy on-call work schedule and everyone had a chilly wonderful time!

p.s. the hugs were not poses…just chances to share body heat!


Matt & Helena got married!

Why do I love Matt & Helena?  pull up a chair, this could take a while….She lets him be him, they are gorgeous, their engagement photos were rainy AND fun, I met them through these guys! (seriously, click this link…same weekend, two years later, totally different weather!), she’s a teacher, he’s a farmer, they are kind, decent and cool!  Congratulations Matt and Helena!

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The Hallgrimson Family

Our paths crossed about four time before I ever actually met Mike and Cori.  Our kids went to school together, my son was their youngest “care partner” in class, our friends were friends and I’m pretty sure we saw each other in the hallways too.   It’s pretty easy to see the connections within this family from their photos but I’ll let you in on a secret, it’s not just for the camera.  It took nothing to get them to cuddle and between you and me I often spy Mike and Cori walking hand-in-hand after they drop their kids off or pick them up from school.  Thank you for a pretty special afternoon!h10h11h2h16h9 h8h13h20h5h6h14h7 h3h1h17h12h15