Here’s something different. Instead of showing you a few of Ashlyn’s photos, I thought it might be fun to see her whole album! With the exception of the first and last page, all of these images are double page spreads in a luxurious coffee table album designed specially for Ashlyn (isn’t she just delectable??). Beautiful […]

Stuff in my head: EYES ON THE BRIDE!

There is a lot of stuff racing through my head, there is a lot of stuff stuck in my head, and there is a lot of stuff that falls out of my head. I’m not guaranteeing the quality, but sometimes the stuff keeps popping up enough times that either through encouragement from my real live […]

Today this beautiful bump becomes a baby!

It’s a very big day today.  Jen is a very important part of Heather Fritz Photography and my life, AND she is having a baby today! -her third wee lass, if tests are correct.  For the past few months she has been taking care of reorganizing my office, sorting through my admin and fine-tuning her photography skills.  While I […]

Kara’s Beautiful Belly

It’s one of my favourite families.  Remember Nixon as a baby? And last year’s fall family photos? past year, the Todd family grew by one…here’s a little shoot that documented this family under construction 😉 Love you guys!