Mowat Family

Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait! I get to photograph this family again in two weeks (yes these images are almost a year old). Can you even imaging how gorgeous baby Beatrix is going to be as a toddler? Also can’t wait to set my lens on Atticus’ beautiful baby blues!


Here’s something different. Instead of showing you a few of Ashlyn’s photos, I thought it might be fun to see her whole album! With the exception of the first and last page, all of these images are double page spreads in a luxurious coffee table album designed specially for Ashlyn (isn’t she just delectable??). Beautiful […]

The Vindeg Small Family

This is a really neat family all around. They are creative, cool and worldly…and super kind. I met them because Ian, the tallest teenager went to school with my daughter. Ian sometimes works with me and I have had many people mistake him for a much older human than he is. I could gush…a lot… […]

Duetscher Family: a day in the life

Messy hair & empty ketchup bottle? Yup, all part of what’s really important in a family’s life…. just some time together. Take a moment, appreciate what you’ve got.  Matt, Kim and their family slowed right down for a moment just before Christmas to let me capture what real beauty looks like!  

Mya, Torrin and the people that made them!

I was so fortunate to meet this family through one of my special projects with Cravings (premier maternity. baby. kids boutique here in Saskatoon).  Mya was just a wee baby at the time and since then, I’ve had a chance to photograph them as their family has grown and changed.  It helps that everyone is […]

Karolat Family

      From newborn to belly to newborn to toddler to family and around again, I’ve been so thrilled to photograph this beautiful family a number of times.  My next goal, to get mom, Selynn, in front of the camera all by herself…I just think she’s got the classic Old World Hollywood face!