I travel to photograph people and events. This shoot was especially cool because I travelled to Red Deer Alberta to create grad photos for Daimyn, the son of my long-time friend LaReina. Throughout high school LaReina and I had side-by-side lockers (lucky me because she is cool, happy, funny and shared her food). Now she […]

Duetscher Family: a day in the life

Messy hair & empty ketchup bottle? Yup, all part of what’s really important in a family’s life…. just some time together. Take a moment, appreciate what you’ve got.  Matt, Kim and their family slowed right down for a moment just before Christmas to let me capture what real beauty looks like!  

Mya, Torrin and the people that made them!

I was so fortunate to meet this family through one of my special projects with Cravings (premier maternity. baby. kids boutique here in Saskatoon).  Mya was just a wee baby at the time and since then, I’ve had a chance to photograph them as their family has grown and changed.  It helps that everyone is […]

Karolat Family

      From newborn to belly to newborn to toddler to family and around again, I’ve been so thrilled to photograph this beautiful family a number of times.  My next goal, to get mom, Selynn, in front of the camera all by herself…I just think she’s got the classic Old World Hollywood face!

Stuff in my head: EYES ON THE BRIDE!

There is a lot of stuff racing through my head, there is a lot of stuff stuck in my head, and there is a lot of stuff that falls out of my head. I’m not guaranteeing the quality, but sometimes the stuff keeps popping up enough times that either through encouragement from my real live […]