Holly & Tavish, Vancouver B.C.

Did you see/read my last post?  (I’ll wait here while you do.)  In that post, I told you that Jenn and I photographed two weddings back-to back in Vancouver, so here’s the second one.  As we do for every wedding, in preparation for Holly & Tavish’s big day, Jenn and I scouted out all of the locations ahead of time.  We may have over-estimated the size of the VanDusen Botanical Gardens and we may have hopped some very large fences so as to save our feet for our up-coming back-to-back weddings (thank goodness for our get-away driver).  Holly and Tavish’s day was just such a great time (I mean I legally got to follow a fireman around all day).  Great couple, beautiful locations, super fun family and the who day spent doing what I love with one of my favorite people in the world.  Big thanks to Jennifer Kirk Photography for giving me such an amazing first “second-shooter” experience!

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