The Debusschere Family

I feel all kinds of wonderful when I think about Laura, Mark, their twins Eva and Lily and their wee pup, Zoie.  I picked them up met them in line waiting for Santa one year.  (I actually recognized the girls’ faces from another clients’ FB page (yeah, that WASN’T creepy…weird stalker photographer lady).  I’ve photographed them a few times now and its everything that happens between the camera clicks that fills me with happiness: the texts from Laura after a shoot asking me if I’m in my pajamas already too; the never-ending little-girl talks that Mark has with his girls, the picnics they share with me and the personal struggles this family has endured but doesn’t wear on their sleeves.  I just really like them, really look forward to Laura’s intragram posts and can never wait until our next shoot!d17d1d2d5 d4 d3d18d16d7d8d6d9 d10d15d13 d12d11d14d20 d19


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