Vicki & John: engaged!

Who is getting married this weekend?  John and Vicki are!  On the coldest day in November, they heated things up with an all-about-town engagement shoot.  Add a little magic from Lux Events, who co-ordinated the shoot for us and a bit of puppy-love thanks to their beautiful pitbull, Vegas, and we had ourselves a dream shoot!


Michael & Kelly: engaged with style!

Mike’s an accountant…you probably think he’s stodgy because he’s an accountant.  Want to know what makes an accountant NOT stodgy?…falling in love with a REALLY GREAT GIRL!  The stories of romance involving vintage teapots and proposals would make any girl rush out to find herself her own accountant-fiance!

Creative Kelly’s engagement photo visions were brought to life by the exquisite handling of Lux Events.  Lux Events worked with Kelly and Mike from the inception of their ideas and were on site all day long (in fact, they were setting up the tea party in -32 degree Celsius long before I even started shooting that day!)

Such a fun and loving couple (scroll all the way to the end to see them in their toques!), I can’t wait for the wedding day!


Robillard Family and Company!

I’ve worked with different branches of this cool family before and always have a great time with their gorgeous kiddos.  I like the idea of posting a shoot full of cousins just as I’m off to my grandma’s 90th birthday this weekend.  I can’t wait to hang out with a bunch of my cousins too!rob33rob23rob30rob31rob29rob32rob23rob5rob4rob18rob6rob27rob22rob20rob14rob8rob11rob17rob1rob3rob7

Dan and Rae Lynn got married!

I didn’t actually get to meet Dan and Rae Lynn before their wedding day.  It happens sometimes but it always works out just fine.  In fact, it worked out just great on Dan & Rae Lynn’s big day.  The bride, the groom, their friends and family were really what made the day perfect.  The fact that the venues were stunning, the flowers and details were flawless and the bride was exquisite was just icing on the cake.  dr7dr20dr5dr19dr33dr1.1dr35dr34dr25dr2dr37dr1.2dr4dr17dr26dr11dr8dr1.3dr1.8dr1.7dr1.6dr1.5dr1.4dr10dr16dr18dr23dr12dr32dr36dr31dr30dr22dr14dr27dr28dr2.1dr1.9dr9dr2.2dr29

My “Up” Experience, SIGA Hot-air Ballon

So this post has been sitting in my draft file for awhile…I’m not sure why, I guess I like getting the PEOPLE photos out to you as soon as possible (don’t laugh, I know it takes awhile sometimes).  This was an exciting experience that I had never really planned on happening.  (I have been sky-diving twice, why would I need to go up in a hot-air balloon?)  But when the Director of Marketing for SIGA asked me to document their slot-machine balloon in the air, I was suddenly enthralled.   I got to photograph it from the inside-out.  The ride itself was both more exhilarating and relaxing than I could have imagined.  0017heatherfritz















Lux Extended Family

I love being the fly-on-the-wall when families get together.  It’s even more fun when I adore the family I am working with.  Meet the extended family of Molly Lux of Lux Events based in Saskatoon and Sarah Lux of  Uforia Studios in San Francisco.  It was an honour to be a part of their limited family time together and I had such a hoot capturing cousins Nora and Mila together!luxlux1lux14lux12lux6lux8lux10lux28lux9lux27lux11lux25lux7lux29lux20lux26lux15lux13lux21lux5lux23